To make sure that all our products are always compliant to the most stringent quality requirements and to evolve to even more reliable units, we introduced in our company a customized program to pursue the target of Continuous Improvement. All the phases of production, machines, productive tools and processes are regularly controlled; all the materials are verified and tested in every phase of production, to minimize the risk of defective products and components.

Quality that lasts in time

A wide set of certifications and approvals demonstrates our full compliance for both civil and defence application.

The full compliance of our Quality Management System in design, development, manufacturing, installation and MRO activities both for civil and defence market is demonstrated by a large set of certifi cations and approvals.
All the quality approval certificates are available for download.

Lean philosophy

Being customer oriented means understanding our customers’ real needs and providing the expected service, even when it comes to implied needs.

This is the reason why we introduced in our company a customized Continuous Improvement program: creating an effective operating method to ensure to fully meet our customers’ expectations.
We embraced the principles and the techniques of Lean Manufacturing, to improve our internal processand get a fast and constant enhancement in quality, delivery times and cost reduction, minimizing any possible waste.

Since the beginning of the Continuous Improvement program, we have been able to achieve significant changes in our culture. The extensive implementations of 6S changed our offices and productive areas and the value stream mapping technique strenghtened our processes.
We apply the root cause analysis and mistake proofing solutions; through the use of the one piece flow technique, we reduced inventory and cycle times.

Applying the total preventive maintenance concepts guarantees the availability of critical equipment, eliminating downtime.
Our operative personnel is involved in Kaizen events; the human resources contribute to get a general improvement of working environment.

All the benefits conquered by our team since the introduction of the Continuous Improvement program allow us to be even more competitive and to face the challenges of an always more demanding market.

Our Quality Policy

Stating out our quality policy means transparency

Our mission is to become the world’s premier company providing power generating and power distribution systems for aircraft and special vehicles for the Defence sector.

At ASE, we pledges to comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations and, above all, with the needs of our customers; to pursue, monitor and update the Company’s objectives in order to keep pace with both internal and external context changes, and with the expectations of the interested parties.
In support of our mission, we established the following strategic goals:

  • To develop and manufacture high-performing products and systems that ensure compliance with the laws and regulations and conformance to the technical and contractual requirements, while achieving concomitant business profitability.
  • To maintain a high quality standard in the products and services offered.
  • To increase our share in the markets of our interest, and look to new and emerging markets.

We pledge to achieve these goals by:

  • Provision of resources, means and personnel appropriate to the activities to be performed.
  • Motivation, participation and continuous training of personnel at all levels.
  • Research, development and technological innovation.
  • Development of quality and continuous improvement culture and its diffusion to all personnel.
  • Use of analysis and risk reduction tools throughout all company processes in order to enhance robustness and effectiveness.
  • Proactive and transparent development in customer relations.
  • Collaboration with suppliers aiming at a joint development.

We pledge to ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and demand the active contribution of all the Company Functions with dedicated initiatives. We assign to the Quality & Continuous Improvement Function the responsibility of monitoring the application of our Quality Policy, ensuring that it is distributed, understood, implemented and supported at all levels of the organization.

We periodically review the Quality Policy, ensuring it remains consistent with the general objectives, to distribute it, making it available both in-house and to other interested parties, and to support it with the necessary resources and means.

San Giorgio Su Legnano, 05/03/2018

Politica per la qualità

La nostra politica per la qualità è pubblica: una scelta di trasparenza.

La nostra azienda intende porsi fra le società leader di mercato nella fornitura di prodotti e sistemi di generazione e distribuzione della potenza elettrica per aeromobili e per veicoli speciali del settore difesa.

Per questo ci impegnamo a soddisfare i requisiti delle normative cogenti e le esigenze dei clienti, perseguendo, monitorando e aggiornando gli obiettivi aziendali per poter essere sempre al passo con i cambiamenti del contesto, interno ed esterno, e delle aspettative delle parti interessate.
A sostegno della nostra missione, ci poniamo i seguenti obiettivi strategici:

  • Sviluppare e realizzare prodotti e sistemi sempre più performanti, che assicurino la rispondenza a leggi e regolamenti vigenti, la conformità ai requisiti tecnici e contrattuali, unitamente ad una adeguata redditività aziendale;
  • Mantenere un elevato standard qualitativo dei prodotti e dei servizi offerti;
  • Acquisire ulteriori quote di mercato nei segmenti di interesse dell’Azienda, anche attraverso l’apertura verso nuovi ed emergenti mercati.

Ci impegnamo a raggiungere tali obiettivi attraverso:

  • L’utilizzo di strumenti per l’analisi e la riduzione dei rischi in tutti i processi aziendali al fine di accrescerne la robustezza e l’efficacia;
  • La motivazione, il coinvolgimento e l’addestramento continuo del personale a ogni livello;
  • La ricerca, lo sviluppo e l’innovazione tecnologica;
  • La messa a disposizione di risorse, mezzi e personale adeguati per le attività da svolgere;
  • Lo sviluppo della cultura della qualità e del miglioramento continuo e la loro diffusione a tutto il personale;
  • Lo sviluppo proattivo e trasparente dei rapporti con i clienti;
  • La collaborazione con i fornitori in un’ottica di comune sviluppo.

Ci impegnamo ad assicurare il miglioramento continuo del Sistema di Gestione per la Qualità e pertanto richiediamo a tutte le Funzioni aziendali di contribuire attivamente con iniziative dedicate; assegnamo alla Funzione Qualità & Miglioramento Continuo la responsabilità di monitorare l’applicazione della Politica per la Qualità, assicurando che essa sia diffusa, compresa, attuata e sostenuta a tutti i livelli dell’organizzazione.

Ci impegna a riesaminare periodicamente la Politica per la Qualità per mantenerla coerente con gli obiettivi generali; a diffonderla, rendendola disponibile alle risorse interne e alle altre parti interessate, e a sostenerla con le risorse e i mezzi necessari.

San Giorgio Su Legnano, 05/03/2018



Problem reporting

You can report here any issue occurred with our products. We’ll examine your report and we’ll solve the issue as soon as possible.

To report an issue with our equipment, please, download the form, fill it with all the information required and send it back to:


for the attention of the Quality Manager in subject.
We’ll analyze your report and we’ll take all the necessary actions to solve the issue in the shortest time possible.